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LA Weekly: Top 10 nehudebníků v hudebních skupinách

Ilustrativní: LA Weekly: Top 10 nehudebníků v hudebních skupinách

LA Weekly připravilo přehled 10 členů hudebních skupin, které nejsou moc hudebně aktivní a jejich příspěvek v kapelách je minimální Sida Viciouse ze Sex Pistols se na druhém místě objevuje one and only Andrew John Fletchaaa!!


1. Sid Vicious, The Sex Pistols
2. Andy Fletcher, Depeche Mode
Essentially the one who isn’t Dave Gahan or Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher is nonetheless a founding member of Depeche Mode. His performance function has morphed over time, from playing bass in early DM incarnations to making various ill-defined supporting synth contributions (and ill-advised stage moves) today. As his musical role has diminished — Fletcher’s almost inaudible live vocal contributions ceased altogether in 2013 — he’s instead increasingly handled the band’s business affairs. At the end of Depeche’s stunning One Night in Paris concert DVD, the lately Elton John-ish Fletcher — perspiration-free after two hours of “performing” — laps up the adulation at the stage lip like a Broadway principal, yet for all the world the bloke could be surfing eBay up there.
3. Joel Gion, Brian Jonestown Massacre
While Joel Gion is often written off as “just” the tambourinist in The Brian Jonestown Massacre, there are surely good reasons why he’s the third longest-serving member of a band who’s ever-changing lineup merits its own Wikipedia page. See, there’s apparently a lot more to Gion’s part in this veteran neo-psychedelic outfit than his visible on-stage antics. “He cued me on every change and controlled my tempo,” said Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo, who played drums for BJM in the late 1990s. “He’s the vibe of the band, the spokesman, and he’s the best tambourine guy I’ve ever heard.” Gion also sang and played guitar in his solo outfit, The Primary Colours, 2011-2014.
4. Posh Spice, The Spice Girls
The Spice Girls’ Victoria Beckham, aka “Posh Spice”, makes a very convincing pop star, with her striking fashionista demeanor and (especially since marrying soccer star David Beckham) constant tabloid presence. Yet these days she’s unabashed about her minimal musical involvement in the globe-conquering girl band, admitting that “they used to turn [my microphone] off and just let the others sing,” in a 2016 interview, and openly skipping her solo turn during reunion concerts. Beckham can be so honest simply because, as a successful businesswoman in her own right, she has little to prove. Nonetheless, her solo performances suggest that, while certainly no nightingale, she’s not the worst singer to have ever topped charts.
5. Paul Rutherford, Frankie Goes To Hollywood
While early questions about the competency of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s instrumentalists gradually waned as the band matured, Paul Rutherford remains mostly known as “the one who just danced and look pretty”. This might be a classic case of “Bez-ness” were it not that, unlike the Happy Mondays maracas man (or Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Ben Carr), the distinctively mustachioed Rutherford actually identifies as a real musician, having sung for Liverpool punk band The Spitfire Boys, released two solo albums, and apparently contributed keyboards to embryonic FGTH recordings. He’s credited only with backing vocals on Frankie’s studio full-lengths, but perhaps Rutherford’s chief contributions to their success were enthused dancing, dapper fashion sense and, well, looking pretty.
6. Jarobi White, A Tribe Called Quest
Google images of Jarobi White and you’ll find more of him cooking than rapping, yet he was a founding member (albeit part-time) of A Tribe Called Quest, one of hip-hop’s most enduringly influential acts. White, who left ATCQ in 1991 to become a chef, always had an ill-defined role in what was a “collective” rather than a group. Perhaps more of a hypeman than a rapper, he’s ambiguously credited as “host” on Quest’s 1990 debut album, and his contributions to follow-up The Low End Theory failed to make the final cut. But White dusted off his previously underused hard rhyming skills for fully seven songs on 2016 reunion record We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service, to consistently rave reviews.
7. Andrew Ridgeley, Wham!
His Wham! career spent in the immense shadow of George Michael’s exploding talent, it was hard to ascertain what, if any, musical role nominal guitarist Andrew Ridgeley had in the duo’s staggering 1980s success. AllMusic contends that “Although he occasionally helped write music, sang, and played instruments, his chief role in the group was that of George Michael’s best friend.” While Ridgeley apparently had zero to do with the writing or recording of still-ubiquitous mega-hit “Last Christmas” (yet still appeared in related videos and artwork), and live footage suggests that his guitar was mostly a stage prop, he does earn co-writing credits on classics like “Careless Whisper”, “Wham Rap!” and “Club Tropicana”.
8. Janick Gers  Iron Maiden
Former Gillan/White Spirit six-stringer Janick Gers joined Iron Maiden following the 1990 departure of the metal titans’ longtime guitarist Adrian Smith. But in a typically Maiden-ish mates-before-money move, when Smith returned in '99 they simply kept Gers aboard, creating a three-guitar lineup alongside Dave Murray. This potentially cumbersome arrangement in a band that had thrived with just two guitarists, combined with Gers’ trademark on-stage scampering and endless shape-pulling, lead to good-natured gossip that he wasn’t even plugged in up there. Considering his pre-Maiden resume and decade in its twin-guitar incarnation, Gers is clearly an extremely adept axeman, but it really can be hard to discern how the current lineup divides its riffin’ labors.
9. Shinya Hayashida, Earl Brutus
Surely the zenith of Bez-ness to date is Shinya Hayashida who, far from stumbling into a non-musical role, was specifically enlisted by Earl Brutus for the very purpose of doing sweet fuck all. Renowned for their raucous live shows, the cult Brit indie outfit employed Hayashida to basically headbang, drunkenly clap along and holler abuse at the audience. “His job seemed to be opening beer and shouting,” recalled singer-songwriter Oliver Cherer, whose band Cooler opened for Earl Brutus. “He just stood there opening bottles, which he never seemed to drink, just shouting (without a mic) in a pool of his own beer.” If your band’s lacking that certain something — or nothing — Hayashida’s almost certainly available.
10. Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli’s admission that they hadn’t sung on “their” chart-topping 1989 album Girl You Know It’s True, and had lip-synced during “live” performances, is the stuff of legend. But this epic scandal obscures the fact that the duo, Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan, had singing careers (of sorts) both pre- and post-Vanilli. Pilatus had sung backup vocals at the huge Eurovision Song Contest in 1987, while Morvan continues to record and perform professionally. They cut a Milli Vanilli comeback album, Back and in Attack, on which they really did sing, in 1997. Tragically, the long-troubled Pilatus overdosed on the eve of the release of the record that could have redeemed their reputations, and it has never appeared.

Jednoduše řečeno je to ten kdo není Dave Gahan nebo Martin Gore. Andy Fletcher je zakládajícím členem Depeche Mode. Jeho  funkce se časem změnila, od hraní basů v raných inkarnacích DM až k dnešní po produkci různých nesprávných podpůrných syntezátorpvých příspěvků a špatně nacvičených pohybů. A jak se jeho hudební role zmenšovala, tak se jeho vokální příspěvky, beztak téměř neslyšitelné, v roce 2013 úplně zastavily - místo toho se stále více zabýval obchodními záležitostmi skupiny. Na konci koncertního DVD Depeche One Night in Paris, se Fletcher, který v poslední době stále více připomíná Eltona Johna, po dvouhodinovém "vystoupení" bez známky potu, prodlužuje adulaci publika jako král Broadwaye, ale pro celý svět je to ten chlápek, který by tam celou dobu místo hraní mohl surfovat na eBay.

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