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Martin Lee Gore/ Moja malba Tomasa Illesa
Posláno: 6.8.2011 o 9:57   [Ignorovat]
Ice Machine
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Registrovaný: 6.8.11

i painted this painting in ‘07. i used acrylic and i believe the figure part of m.g. is in black oil paint. it is a subject inspired by anton corbijn, who contributed visuals to many other bands. i saw a photo on the booklet of songs of faith and devotion. feel free to post an actual photo if would like to join my journey of my art about martin. i painted this painting with the help of a projector, which made the painting more realistic. the green, blue and black colors just accidentally. the colors represent the way i felt while working on this project. i like the whitened wooden frame it puts the painting to a different atmosphere.


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