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Clan Of Xymox
Posláno: 5.4.2008 o 9:55   [Ignorovat]
Ice Machine
Ikona: Headhunter
Celkem příspěvků: 0
Registrovaný: 9.1.08

Clan Of Xymox - Visible (2DVD - audio rip) (2008)

From “A Day” up to the current single “Heroes”, this limited    
double-DVD package delivers all the hits and all-time favourites
from this outstanding band. ALL the official studiovideos are  
added with live footage from several festivals or club shows and
demonstrate as its best the charming live quality of Clan Of    
Xymox. The first Limited to 5.000 units worldwide edition comes  
including a bonus DVD with parts from their memorable 2006    
performance at the “M’era Luna” Festival and an exclusive
interview with Ronny Moorings in which he talks about the      
production of the DVD, the band itself and shows us some funny
backstage scenes. Environmental- and storage-friendly this
package comes in a double CD packagin.
01 Heroes
02 Dark Mood
03 Stranger
04 Into Extremes
05 Cold Damp Day
06 It’s Not Enough
07 Weak On My Knees                          
08 There’s No Tomorrow
09 Farewell                                
10 I Want You Now                            
11 This World (Zillo Festival 1998)               
12 Louise (Zillo Festival 2001)                 
13 A Day (Live Clip)                         
14 Innocent (Live Clip)
15 Back Door (Live Clip)                       
16 Number One (Live Clip)                     
17 Out Of The Rain (Live Clip)
18 Cry In The Wind (Live Clip)
01 Farewell (Live At Mera Luna 2006)
02 Weak On My Knees (Live At Mera Luna 2006)
03 Calling You Out (Live At Mera Luna 2006)
04 Jasmine And Rose (Live At Mera Luna 2006)
05 There’s No Tomorrow (Live At Mera Luna 2006)
06 Consolation (Interview And Video Clip)
07 We Never Learned (Interview And Video Clip)
08 Jasmine And Rose (Zillo Festival 2001 - Hidden Track)
09 Heroes (Live - Hidden Track)
Password: mp3db

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