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Posláno: 5.6.2008 o 15:50   [Ignorovat]
Ice Machine
Ikona: Headhunter
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Klinik - Projects (2CD) (2008)

The only link with The Klinik of this release is the fact that it
features all the side-project of Marc Verhaeghen (musical mind of
The Klinik). This Belgian master of dark electronics has been  
involved in numerous projects during the great Klinik period, but
especially during the last years of the first period of the band.
The main and most famous side-project has been for sure Noise
Unit, which he set up together with Bill Leeb and Rhys Fⁿlber  
(Frontline Assembly). I remember the first albums of this project
released on the great Antler label. The sound was quite FLA-like
(the early years) with the more experimental approach of M.   
Verhaeghen on top. We here get back to the debut-cd (originally  
released on vinyl in 1989) ôGrinding Into Emptinessö and
ôResponse Frequencyö (from 1990). Quite efficient and convincing
back in time, the songs now sound quite out of time. And yet I  
canÆt leave a smile and some satisfaction when hearing back    
tracks like ôDry Lungsö, ôRitualisticö, ôHomageö and especially  
ôAgitateö. The first disc ends with X10 (featuring Tec Trance) 
another late project of M. Verhaeghen. The extracted songs dated
from the album released in 1992. This project was the less darker
one of the Klinik-writer, but couldn’t never totally convince the
scene. The tracks extract from the ôSemblanceö-album, which here
appears on the second disc were a bit more attractive. Marc    
Verhaeghen here collaborated with N. Mono. Anyway X10 has been  
never a worth to listen for me! Another project featured on the  
second disc is Para. This was a project he set up with Sabine  
Voss. Being partly more atmospheric than The Klinik, several    
songs were definitely very Klinik-like (but without the vocals of
Dirk Ivens). The more Klinik-like songs remain the best ones and
I’ll mention here “Dich”, “Achterbahn”, “Fit Of Diffimus” and  
“Nachrichten”. A last project on this album is D.Sign, which    
resulted from the common efforts of Die Form and M. Verhaeghen. 
It’s a pity that we only get one single Mcd from this project  
entitled ôBurning Cellsö. You for sure recognize the typical Die
Form sequences and the vocals of Eliane P. The song ôBrain    
Overloadö remains quite efficient (even nearly 17 years after
date)! I’m afraid this “Projects”-release will interest less    
young fans of the scene while evoke some memories (and even some
good ones) to the older fans. This is more like a collector item
than a real musical high light!
01 Noise Unit - Deceit
02 Noise Unit - Struktur
03 Noise Unit - Collapsed
04 Noise Unit - Dry Lungs
05 Noise Unit - Ritualistic
06 Noise Unit - Agitate
07 Noise Unit - Disease
08 Noise Unit - Paranoid Mass
09 Noise Unit - Forgotten Realm
10 Noise Unit - Feel The Anguish
11 Noise Unit - Homage
12 X10 Feat. Tec Trance - Spirit World
13 X10 Feat. Tec Trance - Simulate X
14 X10 Feat. Tec Trance - Failed
15 X10 Feat. Tec Trance - Bounce

01 Para - Eingang
02 Para - Lift
03 Para - Dich
04 Para - Es
05 Para - Achterbahn                          
06 Para - Fit Of Diffimus                      
07 Para - Rise&fall;08 Para - Nachrichten
09 Para - Forest
10 X10 - Godless Race
11 X10 - Disgusting
12 X10 - Smokey Mountain Requiem
13 X10 - Downtown Underground
14 X10 - 25 Millions D’annees
15 X10 - Beat My Bones
16 D-Sign - Burning Cells
17 D-Sign - Brain Overload
18 D-Sign - Brain Overload (Overload Mix)

Password: mp3db

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