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22/07/1993 Cologne - left - live DVD bootleg
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Ice Machine
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Depeche Mode - 22/07/1993 Cologne (left)


artist: Depeche Mode
date: 22/07/1993
venue: Sporthalle
city: Cologne - GER

format: DVD Video
angle: left
audio: 7/10
video: 8/10
notes: This DVD is complete. Dave was drunk so DM ended the concert earlier. Dave mixed up lyrics in some songs. Also, Dave gratulates to Martin’s birthday.

01. Intro
02. Higher Love
03. Policy Of Truth
04. World In My Eyes
05. Walking In My Shoes
06. Behind The Wheel
07. Halo
08. Stripped
09. Condemnation
10. A Question Of Lust
11. Death’s Door
12. Get Right With Me
13. I Feel You
14. Never Let Me Down Again
15. Rush
16. In Your Room
17. Personal Jesus
18. Enjoy The Silence
total time: 01:39



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The Sun And The Rainfall
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