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The Ultimate Videomix © 2007
Posláno: 13.3.2008 o 10:06   [Ignorovat]
Ice Machine
Celkem příspěvků: 0
Registrovaný: 13.3.08

RELEASE NAME:Depeche.Mode.The.Ultimate.Videomix.[MMC].[MDVD].[2007]

LaNGue: 2.0 English
SubTitle: none
ReLeaSe DaTe: 18.06.07
STReeT DaTe: PROMO-xx.01.07
Menu: yes (original)
Extras: yes, chapter selection
Sample: yes
ViDeo: MPEG2_Video/720 x 576/PAL/16:9
BiT RatE: 7000
BiT RaTe: CBR/256kb/s
Mixed By: DJ Saphire And Trance 73
CoVER: Yes
ArchiVe SiZE: 1,59 GB

1. Intro
2. Barrel Of A Gun
3. Stripped
4. Walking In My Shoes
5. Never Let Me Down Again
6. In Your Room
7. It’s No Good
8. Precious
9. Enjoy The Silence Mixwd With Enjoy The Silence ‘04
10. Everything Counts
11. Strangelove
12. People Are People
13. Behind The Wheel
14. Master And Servant
15. I Feel Loved
16. Just Can’t Get Enough
17. Suffer Well
18. Dream On
19. A Question Of Time

PASS : !forever DM!

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