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Front 242 - Moments… 1 (Digipak) (2008)
Posláno: 27.7.2008 o 16:24   [Ignorovat]
Ice Machine
Ikona: Headhunter
Celkem příspěvků: 0
Registrovaný: 9.1.08

Front 242 - Moments… 1 (Digipak) (2008)
GENRE….. Electronic
STYLE….. EBM, Industrial
LABEL….. Alfa Matrix
MODE…... VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE… 19-Jul-2008

After years of digital “uber alles”, analogue synthesis and    
technology has made a comeback. Front242 decided to re-load    
their old analogue sequences into the new generation of
synthesizers and carefully re-designed all the sounds to match  
the spirit of their time. The result was proposed on a worldwide
‘Vintage Tour’ that is still running today. To satisfy their    
fans, but also the curiosity of numbers of listeners interested  
in the early electronic music atmosphere ; we invite you to    
discover this exceptional ‘Live’ recording encompassing the very
best of Front 242’s compositions. Enjoy “Moments…” - a      
Snapshot of 242’s live sound.
This 1CD version holds holding 4 tracks in alternative versions
not featured on the 2CD box edition.
01 Happiness
02 Body To Body
03 Religion                                
04 Welcome To Paradise
05 Commando Remix
06 Lovely Day
07 Until Death
08 Moldavia
09 Funkhadafi
10 7rain
11 Loud
12 Together
13 U-Men
14 Take One
15 Im Rhythmus Bleiben
16 Headhunter
17 Kampfbereit
18 Punish Your Machine
Password: mp3db

Posláno: 30.9.2008 o 14:03   [Ignorovat]   [# 1]
Ice Machine
Celkem příspěvků: 0
Registrovaný: 11.2.08

Album se mi moc líbí, zvuk je úžasnej ušní elixír.


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